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IMPORTANT: Shipping and Handling Charges:
Some products show a product price followed by a S&H price. The total shown on the form is the total of product price and S&H fees.
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Some products show only one price or indicate that S&H are included. The total shown is the total for that product.

If you order MAUI COOK KWEES, please indicate your flavor choices at the bottom of this form.

Occasionally we add new products to our website before they are added to this form. In that event, use the Comments box under Shipping Address to order such products or for general comments.

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If you are ordering Maui Cook Kwees - feel free to mix your order with any of the available flavors.
Place the number of bags of each desired flavor in the box next to the flavor - the total must equal the number of bags ordered.

Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees
Almond Cook Kwees
Chocolate Chip Cook Kwees
Chocolate Chip/Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees
Peanut Butter Cook Kwees
Coconut/Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees
Shortbread Cook Kwees
Macadamia Nut/Oatmeal Cook Kwees
Honey/Raisin/Oatmeal Cook Kwees
Pineapple/Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees
White Chocolate/Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees
Kona Coffee/Macadamia Nut Cook Kwees